Why Choose Us

Buying a vehicle from Canada / the USA can be a scary thing. 

Even worse if you’re buying that vehicle through the internet.

 How can you really know who’s on the other end “selling” you that vehicle. Are they genuine or just a scam?

How can you be assured that what you’re paying for is really what you’re going to get?

Masterson Motors has a wide dealer network stretching across Canada and the US, built over 45+ years experience in the automotive sales sector. 

We can find the right vehicle for you, at the right price. Guaranteed!

With that built up expertise, preferential trade deals between Canada and the EU, and the strength of the Euro vs. the Canadian dollar, we can bring you that vehicle for the best prices possible.

Masterson Motors transports those vehicles to the outbound port using leading vehicle transport companies. Carefully selected for their credentials and reputations, we ensure your vehicle is treated with extreme care and security in mind.

  When required, extra care can be taken to transport vehicles in enclosed trailers to protect them while in transport (additional costs may apply).

Masterson Motors uses secure, reputable and reliable methods to move the vehicles from North America to Europe.

Either by roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) ship or by intermodal container, we move the vehicles to Finland ensuring it’s safety, security and condition are maintained throughout the trip.

The process of registering a new vehicle in Finland can be a difficult one. If you have never done this before, it can be an intimidating task.

Masterson Motors takes care of the entire process for you.

 From performing any required modifications to having the registration inspection carried out, you can be confident that all required steps will be taken so your vehicle can legally be driven on the road.

When the time comes for you to come and pick up your vehicle, you can be assured that everything has been taken care of for you.

We have completed all necessary steps so you can drive away happy, satisfied, legal, and safe.

Just because the sale is over, this doesn’t mean you are forgotten at Masterson Motors.

We have built a network of preferred service garages all over Finland where we know you will receive the best quality service for your vehicle.  Click HERE to see our entire list of chosen garages all across Finland.

We are committed to working with you to keep your vehicle maintained and running in the best possible way.

The supply of parts for your North American vehicle may be difficult to find, but Masterson Motors has you covered.

We have sourced out local Finnish and EU suppliers of parts for the vehicles we sell. If there is a need, we can also bring the needed parts direct from Canada.

Masterson Motors also stocks a small supply of the most commonly used parts for our vehicles like oil filters, air filters, windshields, etc.

Click HERE to see our list of selected parts suppliers.